Module range_image

Detailed Description


The pcl_range_image library contains two classes for representing and working with range images. A range image (or depth map) is an image whose pixel values represent a distance or depth from the sensor's origin. Range images are a common 3D representation and are often generated by stereo or time-of-flight cameras. With knowledge of the camera's intrinsic calibration parameters, a range image can be converted into a point cloud





class  pcl::RangeImage
 RangeImage is derived from pcl/PointCloud and provides functionalities with focus on situations where a 3D scene was captured from a specific view point. More...
class  pcl::RangeImagePlanar
 RangeImagePlanar is derived from the original range image and differs from it because it's not a spherical projection, but using a projection plane (as normal cameras do), therefore being better applicable for range sensors that already provide a range image by themselves (stereo cameras, ToF-cameras), so that a conversion to point cloud and then to a spherical range image becomes unnecessary. More...