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auto.h File Reference

#include <limits.h>
#include <pcl/pcl_base.h>
#include "pcl/pcl_macros.h"
#include "pcl/point_cloud.h"
#include "pcl/point_representation.h"
#include "pcl/search/pcl_search.h"
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class  pcl::search::AutotunedSearch< PointT >
 search::AutotunedSearch is a wrapper class which inherits all the search functions written in PCL and provides an intutive interface to all the functions. More...


namespace  pcl

Software License Agreement (BSD License).

namespace  pcl::search


enum  pcl::search::SearchType {
  pcl::search::KDTREE, pcl::search::ORGANIZED_INDEX, pcl::search::OCTREE, pcl::search::AUTO_TUNED,
  pcl::search::NEAREST_K_SEARCH, pcl::search::NEAREST_RADIUS_SEARCH