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point_representation.h File Reference

#include "pcl/point_types.h"
#include "pcl/win32_macros.h"
#include "pcl/ros/for_each_type.h"
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class  pcl::PointRepresentation< PointT >
 PointRepresentation provides a set of methods for converting a point structs/object into an n-dimensional vector. More...
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PointDefault >
 DefaultPointRepresentation extends PointRepresentation to define default behavior for common point types. More...
class  pcl::DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PointDefault >
 DefaulFeatureRepresentation extends PointRepresentation and is intended to be used when defining the default behavior for feature descriptor types (i.e., copy each element of each field into a float array). More...
struct  pcl::DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PointDefault >::IncrementFunctor
struct  pcl::DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PointDefault >::NdCopyPointFunctor
struct  pcl::DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PointDefault >::NdCopyPointFunctor::Helper< Key, FieldT, NrDims >
struct  pcl::DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PointDefault >::NdCopyPointFunctor::Helper< Key, FieldT[NrDims], NrDims >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PointXYZ >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PointXYZI >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PointNormal >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PFHSignature125 >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PPFSignature >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< FPFHSignature33 >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< VFHSignature308 >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< NormalBasedSignature12 >
class  pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< SHOT >
class  pcl::CustomPointRepresentation< PointDefault >
 CustomPointRepresentation extends PointRepresentation to allow for sub-part selection on the point. More...


namespace  pcl

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