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Camera Class Reference

#include <pcl/outofcore/visualization/camera.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Camera (std::string name)
 Camera (std::string name, vtkSmartPointer< vtkCamera > camera)
vtkSmartPointer< vtkCamera > getCamera () const
vtkSmartPointer< vtkCameraActor > getCameraActor () const
vtkSmartPointer< vtkActor > getHullActor () const
bool getDisplay () const
void setDisplay (bool display)
void getFrustum (double frustum[])
void setProjectionMatrix (const Eigen::Matrix4d &projection_matrix)
Eigen::Matrix4d getProjectionMatrix ()
void setModelViewMatrix (const Eigen::Matrix4d &model_view_matrix)
Eigen::Matrix4d getModelViewMatrix ()
Eigen::Matrix4d getViewProjectionMatrix ()
Eigen::Vector3d getPosition ()
void setClippingRange (float near_value=0.0001f, float far_value=100000.f)
void render (vtkRenderer *renderer) override
void computeFrustum ()
void printFrustum ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object
 Object (std::string name)
virtual ~Object ()
std::string getName () const
void setName (std::string name)
bool hasActor (vtkActor *actor)
void addActor (vtkActor *actor)
void removeActor (vtkActor *actor)
vtkSmartPointer< vtkActorCollection > getActors ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Object
vtkSmartPointer< vtkActorCollection > actors_
std::mutex actors_mutex_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file camera.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Camera::Camera ( std::string  name)
Camera::Camera ( std::string  name,
vtkSmartPointer< vtkCamera >  camera 

Member Function Documentation

void Camera::computeFrustum ( )

Referenced by setClippingRange().

vtkSmartPointer<vtkCamera> Camera::getCamera ( ) const

Definition at line 35 of file camera.h.

Referenced by Viewport::setCamera().

vtkSmartPointer<vtkCameraActor> Camera::getCameraActor ( ) const

Definition at line 41 of file camera.h.

bool Camera::getDisplay ( ) const

Definition at line 53 of file camera.h.

void Camera::getFrustum ( double  frustum[])

Definition at line 65 of file camera.h.

vtkSmartPointer<vtkActor> Camera::getHullActor ( ) const

Definition at line 47 of file camera.h.

Eigen::Matrix4d Camera::getModelViewMatrix ( )

Definition at line 90 of file camera.h.

Eigen::Vector3d Camera::getPosition ( )

Definition at line 102 of file camera.h.

Eigen::Matrix4d Camera::getProjectionMatrix ( )

Definition at line 78 of file camera.h.

Eigen::Matrix4d Camera::getViewProjectionMatrix ( )

Definition at line 96 of file camera.h.

void Camera::printFrustum ( )

Referenced by setClippingRange().

void Camera::render ( vtkRenderer *  renderer)

Reimplemented from Object.

Referenced by setClippingRange().

void Camera::setClippingRange ( float  near_value = 0.0001f,
float  far_value = 100000.f 

Definition at line 116 of file camera.h.

References computeFrustum(), printFrustum(), and render().

void Camera::setDisplay ( bool  display)

Definition at line 59 of file camera.h.

void Camera::setModelViewMatrix ( const Eigen::Matrix4d &  model_view_matrix)

Definition at line 84 of file camera.h.

void Camera::setProjectionMatrix ( const Eigen::Matrix4d &  projection_matrix)

Definition at line 72 of file camera.h.

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