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ON_BezierCurve Class Reference

#include <pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/opennurbs_bezier.h>

Public Member Functions

 ON_BezierCurve ()
 ON_BezierCurve (int dim, ON_BOOL32 bIsRational, int order)
 ~ON_BezierCurve ()
 ON_BezierCurve (const ON_BezierCurve &)
 ON_BezierCurve (const ON_PolynomialCurve &)
 ON_BezierCurve (const ON_2dPointArray &)
 ON_BezierCurve (const ON_3dPointArray &)
 ON_BezierCurve (const ON_4dPointArray &)
ON_BezierCurveoperator= (const ON_BezierCurve &)
ON_BezierCurveoperator= (const ON_PolynomialCurve &)
ON_BezierCurveoperator= (const ON_2dPointArray &)
ON_BezierCurveoperator= (const ON_3dPointArray &)
ON_BezierCurveoperator= (const ON_4dPointArray &)
bool IsValid () const
void Dump (ON_TextLog &) const
int Dimension () const
bool Create (int dim, ON_BOOL32 bIsRational, int order)
void Destroy ()
void EmergencyDestroy ()
bool Loft (const ON_3dPointArray &points)
bool Loft (int pt_dim, int pt_count, int pt_stride, const double *pt, int t_stride, const double *t)
bool GetBBox (double *box_min, double *box_max, int bGrowBox=false) const
bool GetBoundingBox (ON_BoundingBox &bbox, int bGrowBox=false) const
ON_BoundingBox BoundingBox () const
bool GetTightBoundingBox (ON_BoundingBox &tight_bbox, int bGrowBox=false, const ON_Xform *xform=0) const
bool Transform (const ON_Xform &xform)
bool Rotate (double sin_angle, double cos_angle, const ON_3dVector &rotation_axis, const ON_3dPoint &rotation_center)
bool Rotate (double rotation_angle, const ON_3dVector &rotation_axis, const ON_3dPoint &rotation_center)
bool Translate (const ON_3dVector &translation_vector)
bool Scale (double scale_factor)
ON_Interval Domain () const
bool Reverse ()
ON_3dPoint PointAt (double t) const
ON_3dVector DerivativeAt (double t) const
ON_3dVector TangentAt (double t) const
ON_3dVector CurvatureAt (double t) const
bool EvPoint (double t, ON_3dPoint &point) const
bool Ev1Der (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &first_derivative) const
bool Ev2Der (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &first_derivative, ON_3dVector &second_derivative) const
bool EvTangent (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &tangent) const
bool EvCurvature (double t, ON_3dPoint &point, ON_3dVector &tangent, ON_3dVector &kappa) const
bool Evaluate (double t, int der_count, int v_stride, double *v) const
bool GetNurbForm (ON_NurbsCurve &nurbs_curve) const
bool IsRational () const
int CVSize () const
int CVCount () const
int Order () const
int Degree () const
double * CV (int cv_index) const
ON::point_style CVStyle () const
double Weight (int cv_index) const
bool SetWeight (int cv_index, double weight)
bool SetCV (int cv_index, ON::point_style pointstyle, const double *cv)
bool SetCV (int cv_index, const ON_3dPoint &point)
bool SetCV (int cv_index, const ON_4dPoint &point)
bool GetCV (int cv_index, ON::point_style pointstyle, double *cv) const
bool GetCV (int cv_index, ON_3dPoint &point) const
bool GetCV (int cv_index, ON_4dPoint &point) const
bool ZeroCVs ()
bool MakeRational ()
bool MakeNonRational ()
bool IncreaseDegree (int desired_degree)
bool ChangeDimension (int desired_dimension)
bool ReserveCVCapacity (int desired_cv_capacity)
bool Trim (const ON_Interval &interval)
bool Split (double t, ON_BezierCurve &left_side, ON_BezierCurve &right_side) const
double ControlPolygonLength () const
bool Reparameterize (double c)
ON_DEPRECATED bool Reparametrize (double)
bool ScaleConrolPoints (int i, double w)
bool ChangeWeights (int i0, double w0, int i1, double w1)

Public Attributes

int m_dim
int m_is_rat
int m_order
int m_cv_stride
double * m_cv
int m_cv_capacity

Detailed Description

Definition at line 148 of file opennurbs_bezier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ON_BezierCurve::ON_BezierCurve ( )
ON_BezierCurve::ON_BezierCurve ( int  dim,
ON_BOOL32  bIsRational,
int  order 
ON_BezierCurve::~ON_BezierCurve ( )
ON_BezierCurve::ON_BezierCurve ( const ON_BezierCurve )
ON_BezierCurve::ON_BezierCurve ( const ON_PolynomialCurve )
ON_BezierCurve::ON_BezierCurve ( const ON_2dPointArray )
ON_BezierCurve::ON_BezierCurve ( const ON_3dPointArray )
ON_BezierCurve::ON_BezierCurve ( const ON_4dPointArray )

Member Function Documentation

ON_BoundingBox ON_BezierCurve::BoundingBox ( ) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::ChangeDimension ( int  desired_dimension)
bool ON_BezierCurve::ChangeWeights ( int  i0,
double  w0,
int  i1,
double  w1 
double ON_BezierCurve::ControlPolygonLength ( ) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::Create ( int  dim,
ON_BOOL32  bIsRational,
int  order 
ON_3dVector ON_BezierCurve::CurvatureAt ( double  t) const
double* ON_BezierCurve::CV ( int  cv_index) const
int ON_BezierCurve::CVCount ( ) const
int ON_BezierCurve::CVSize ( ) const
ON::point_style ON_BezierCurve::CVStyle ( ) const
int ON_BezierCurve::Degree ( ) const
ON_3dVector ON_BezierCurve::DerivativeAt ( double  t) const
void ON_BezierCurve::Destroy ( )
int ON_BezierCurve::Dimension ( ) const
ON_Interval ON_BezierCurve::Domain ( ) const
void ON_BezierCurve::Dump ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ON_BezierCurve::EmergencyDestroy ( )
bool ON_BezierCurve::Ev1Der ( double  t,
ON_3dPoint point,
ON_3dVector first_derivative 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::Ev2Der ( double  t,
ON_3dPoint point,
ON_3dVector first_derivative,
ON_3dVector second_derivative 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::Evaluate ( double  t,
int  der_count,
int  v_stride,
double *  v 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::EvCurvature ( double  t,
ON_3dPoint point,
ON_3dVector tangent,
ON_3dVector kappa 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::EvPoint ( double  t,
ON_3dPoint point 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::EvTangent ( double  t,
ON_3dPoint point,
ON_3dVector tangent 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::GetBBox ( double *  box_min,
double *  box_max,
int  bGrowBox = false 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::GetBoundingBox ( ON_BoundingBox bbox,
int  bGrowBox = false 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::GetCV ( int  cv_index,
ON::point_style  pointstyle,
double *  cv 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::GetCV ( int  cv_index,
ON_3dPoint point 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::GetCV ( int  cv_index,
ON_4dPoint point 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::GetNurbForm ( ON_NurbsCurve nurbs_curve) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::GetTightBoundingBox ( ON_BoundingBox tight_bbox,
int  bGrowBox = false,
const ON_Xform xform = 0 
) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::IncreaseDegree ( int  desired_degree)
bool ON_BezierCurve::IsRational ( ) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::IsValid ( ) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::Loft ( const ON_3dPointArray points)
bool ON_BezierCurve::Loft ( int  pt_dim,
int  pt_count,
int  pt_stride,
const double *  pt,
int  t_stride,
const double *  t 
bool ON_BezierCurve::MakeNonRational ( )
bool ON_BezierCurve::MakeRational ( )
ON_BezierCurve& ON_BezierCurve::operator= ( const ON_BezierCurve )
ON_BezierCurve& ON_BezierCurve::operator= ( const ON_PolynomialCurve )
ON_BezierCurve& ON_BezierCurve::operator= ( const ON_2dPointArray )
ON_BezierCurve& ON_BezierCurve::operator= ( const ON_3dPointArray )
ON_BezierCurve& ON_BezierCurve::operator= ( const ON_4dPointArray )
int ON_BezierCurve::Order ( ) const
ON_3dPoint ON_BezierCurve::PointAt ( double  t) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::Reparameterize ( double  c)
ON_DEPRECATED bool ON_BezierCurve::Reparametrize ( double  )
bool ON_BezierCurve::ReserveCVCapacity ( int  desired_cv_capacity)
bool ON_BezierCurve::Reverse ( )
bool ON_BezierCurve::Rotate ( double  sin_angle,
double  cos_angle,
const ON_3dVector rotation_axis,
const ON_3dPoint rotation_center 
bool ON_BezierCurve::Rotate ( double  rotation_angle,
const ON_3dVector rotation_axis,
const ON_3dPoint rotation_center 
bool ON_BezierCurve::Scale ( double  scale_factor)
bool ON_BezierCurve::ScaleConrolPoints ( int  i,
double  w 
bool ON_BezierCurve::SetCV ( int  cv_index,
ON::point_style  pointstyle,
const double *  cv 
bool ON_BezierCurve::SetCV ( int  cv_index,
const ON_3dPoint point 
bool ON_BezierCurve::SetCV ( int  cv_index,
const ON_4dPoint point 
bool ON_BezierCurve::SetWeight ( int  cv_index,
double  weight 
bool ON_BezierCurve::Split ( double  t,
ON_BezierCurve left_side,
ON_BezierCurve right_side 
) const
ON_3dVector ON_BezierCurve::TangentAt ( double  t) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::Transform ( const ON_Xform xform)
bool ON_BezierCurve::Translate ( const ON_3dVector translation_vector)
bool ON_BezierCurve::Trim ( const ON_Interval interval)
double ON_BezierCurve::Weight ( int  cv_index) const
bool ON_BezierCurve::ZeroCVs ( )

Member Data Documentation

double* ON_BezierCurve::m_cv

Definition at line 976 of file opennurbs_bezier.h.

int ON_BezierCurve::m_cv_capacity

Definition at line 982 of file opennurbs_bezier.h.

int ON_BezierCurve::m_cv_stride

Definition at line 973 of file opennurbs_bezier.h.

int ON_BezierCurve::m_dim

Definition at line 964 of file opennurbs_bezier.h.

int ON_BezierCurve::m_is_rat

Definition at line 967 of file opennurbs_bezier.h.

int ON_BezierCurve::m_order

Definition at line 970 of file opennurbs_bezier.h.

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