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ON_Brep Class Reference

#include <pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/opennurbs_brep.h>

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Public Member Functions

void DestroyRuntimeCache (bool bDelete=true)
unsigned int SizeOf () const
ON__UINT32 DataCRC (ON__UINT32 current_remainder) const
bool EvaluatePoint (const class ON_ObjRef &objref, ON_3dPoint &P) const
 ON_Brep ()
 ~ON_Brep ()
 ON_Brep (const ON_Brep &)
ON_Brepoperator= (const ON_Brep &)
void MemoryRelocate ()
bool IsDuplicate (const ON_Brep &other, double tolerance=ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE) const
void Destroy ()
void EmergencyDestroy ()
int CreateMesh (const ON_MeshParameters &mp, ON_SimpleArray< ON_Mesh * > &mesh_list) const
void DestroyMesh (ON::mesh_type mesh_type, bool bDeleteMesh=true)
int GetMesh (ON::mesh_type mesh_type, ON_SimpleArray< const ON_Mesh * > &meshes) const
bool Create (ON_Surface *&pSurface)
bool Create (ON_NurbsSurface *&pNurbsSurface)
bool Create (ON_PlaneSurface *&pPlaneSurface)
bool Create (ON_RevSurface *&pRevSurface)
bool Create (ON_SumSurface *&pSumSurface)
ON_BOOL32 IsValid (ON_TextLog *text_log=NULL) const
bool IsValidTopology (ON_TextLog *text_log=NULL) const
bool IsValidGeometry (ON_TextLog *text_log=NULL) const
bool IsValidTolerancesAndFlags (ON_TextLog *text_log=NULL) const
bool IsValidForV2 () const
bool IsValidForV2 (const ON_BrepTrim &) const
bool IsValidForV2 (const ON_BrepEdge &) const
void Dump (ON_TextLog &) const
ON_BOOL32 Write (ON_BinaryArchive &) const
ON_BOOL32 Read (ON_BinaryArchive &)
ON::object_type ObjectType () const
int Dimension () const
void ClearBoundingBox ()
ON_BOOL32 GetBBox (double *, double *, ON_BOOL32=false) const
ON_BOOL32 Transform (const ON_Xform &)
ON_BOOL32 SwapCoordinates (int, int)
ON_BOOL32 HasBrepForm () const
ON_BrepBrepForm (ON_Brep *brep=NULL) const
int AddTrimCurve (ON_Curve *)
int AddEdgeCurve (ON_Curve *)
int AddSurface (ON_Surface *)
bool SetEdgeCurve (ON_BrepEdge &edge, int c3_index, const ON_Interval *sub_domain=NULL)
bool SetTrimCurve (ON_BrepTrim &trim, int c2_index, const ON_Interval *sub_domain=NULL)
ON_BrepVertexNewVertex ()
ON_BrepVertexNewVertex (ON_3dPoint vertex_point, double vertex_tolerance=ON_UNSET_VALUE)
ON_BrepEdgeNewEdge (int=-1)
ON_BrepEdgeNewEdge (ON_BrepVertex &, ON_BrepVertex &, int=-1, const ON_Interval *=NULL, double edge_tolerance=ON_UNSET_VALUE)
ON_BrepFaceNewFace (int si=-1)
ON_BrepFaceNewFace (const ON_Surface &surface)
ON_BrepFaceNewFace (ON_Surface *pSurface, int vid[4], int eid[4], ON_BOOL32 bRev3d[4])
ON_BrepFaceNewRuledFace (const ON_BrepEdge &edgeA, bool bRevEdgeA, const ON_BrepEdge &edgeB, bool bRevEdgeB)
ON_BrepFaceNewConeFace (const ON_BrepVertex &vertex, const ON_BrepEdge &edge, bool bRevEdge)
ON_BrepLoopNewLoop (ON_BrepLoop::TYPE)
ON_BrepLoopNewLoop (ON_BrepLoop::TYPE loop_type, ON_BrepFace &face)
ON_BrepLoopNewOuterLoop (int face_index)
ON_BrepLoopNewOuterLoop (int face_index, int vid[4], int eid[4], ON_BOOL32 bRev3d[4])
bool NewPlanarFaceLoop (int face_index, ON_BrepLoop::TYPE loop_type, ON_SimpleArray< ON_Curve * > &boundary, ON_BOOL32 bDuplicateCurves=true)
ON_BrepTrimNewTrim (int c2i=-1)
ON_BrepTrimNewTrim (ON_BOOL32 bRev3d, ON_BrepLoop &loop, int c2i=-1)
ON_BrepTrimNewTrim (ON_BrepEdge &edge, ON_BOOL32 bRev3d, int c2i=-1)
ON_BrepTrimNewTrim (ON_BrepEdge &edge, ON_BOOL32 bRev3d, ON_BrepLoop &loop, int c2i=-1)
ON_BrepTrimNewSingularTrim (const ON_BrepVertex &vertex, ON_BrepLoop &loop, ON_Surface::ISO iso, int c2i=-1)
ON_BrepVertexNewPointOnFace (ON_BrepFace &face, double s, double t)
ON_BrepTrimNewCurveOnFace (ON_BrepFace &face, ON_BrepEdge &edge, ON_BOOL32 bRev3d=false, int c2i=-1)
void Append (const ON_Brep &)
void SetVertices (void)
bool SetTrimIsoFlags ()
bool SetTrimIsoFlags (ON_BrepFace &)
bool SetTrimIsoFlags (ON_BrepLoop &)
bool SetTrimIsoFlags (ON_BrepTrim &)
ON_BrepTrim::TYPE TrimType (const ON_BrepTrim &trim, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=true) const
bool SetTrimTypeFlags (ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
bool SetTrimTypeFlags (ON_BrepFace &, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
bool SetTrimTypeFlags (ON_BrepLoop &, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
bool SetTrimTypeFlags (ON_BrepTrim &, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
bool GetTrim2dStart (int trim_index, ON_2dPoint &) const
bool GetTrim2dEnd (int, ON_2dPoint &) const
bool GetTrim3dStart (int, ON_3dPoint &) const
bool GetTrim3dEnd (int, ON_3dPoint &) const
ON_BrepLoop::TYPE ComputeLoopType (const ON_BrepLoop &) const
bool SetVertexTolerance (ON_BrepVertex &vertex, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false) const
virtual bool SetTrimTolerance (ON_BrepTrim &trim, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false) const
virtual bool SetEdgeTolerance (ON_BrepEdge &edge, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false) const
bool SetVertexTolerances (ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
bool SetTrimTolerances (ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
bool SetEdgeTolerances (ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
virtual bool SetTrimBoundingBox (ON_BrepTrim &trim, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
virtual bool SetTrimBoundingBoxes (ON_BrepLoop &loop, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
virtual bool SetTrimBoundingBoxes (ON_BrepFace &face, ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
virtual bool SetTrimBoundingBoxes (ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false)
void SetTolerancesBoxesAndFlags (ON_BOOL32 bLazy=false, ON_BOOL32 bSetVertexTolerances=true, ON_BOOL32 bSetEdgeTolerances=true, ON_BOOL32 bSetTrimTolerances=true, ON_BOOL32 bSetTrimIsoFlags=true, ON_BOOL32 bSetTrimTypeFlags=true, ON_BOOL32 bSetLoopTypeFlags=true, ON_BOOL32 bSetTrimBoxes=true)
int SurfaceUseCount (int surface_index, int max_count=0) const
int EdgeCurveUseCount (int c3_index, int max_count=0) const
int TrimCurveUseCount (int c2_index, int max_count=0) const
ON_CurveLoop3dCurve (const ON_BrepLoop &loop, ON_BOOL32 bRevCurveIfFaceRevIsTrue=false) const
int Loop3dCurve (const ON_BrepLoop &loop, ON_SimpleArray< ON_Curve * > &curve_list, ON_BOOL32 bRevCurveIfFaceRevIsTrue=false) const
ON_CurveLoop2dCurve (const ON_BrepLoop &loop) const
virtual int SolidOrientation () const
bool IsSolid () const
bool IsManifold (ON_BOOL32 *pbIsOriented=NULL, ON_BOOL32 *pbHasBoundary=NULL) const
bool IsPointInside (ON_3dPoint P, double tolerance, bool bStrictlyInside) const
bool IsSurface () const
bool FaceIsSurface (int) const
bool LoopIsSurfaceBoundary (int) const
bool FlipReversedSurfaces ()
bool SetTrimDomain (int, const ON_Interval &)
bool SetEdgeDomain (int, const ON_Interval &)
void Flip ()
void FlipFace (ON_BrepFace &)
void FlipLoop (ON_BrepLoop &)
int LoopDirection (const ON_BrepLoop &) const
bool SortFaceLoops (ON_BrepFace &face) const
bool CombineCoincidentVertices (ON_BrepVertex &, ON_BrepVertex &)
bool CombineCoincidentEdges (ON_BrepEdge &, ON_BrepEdge &)
ON_BrepEdgeCombineContiguousEdges (int edge_index0, int edge_iindex1, double angle_tolerance_radians=ON_PI/180.0)
void DeleteVertex (ON_BrepVertex &vertex)
void DeleteEdge (ON_BrepEdge &edge, ON_BOOL32 bDeleteEdgeVertices)
void DeleteTrim (ON_BrepTrim &trim, ON_BOOL32 bDeleteTrimEdges)
void DeleteLoop (ON_BrepLoop &loop, ON_BOOL32 bDeleteLoopEdges)
void DeleteFace (ON_BrepFace &face, ON_BOOL32 bDeleteFaceEdges)
void DeleteSurface (int s_index)
void Delete2dCurve (int c2_index)
void Delete3dCurve (int c3_index)
void LabelConnectedComponent (int face_index, int label)
int LabelConnectedComponents ()
int GetConnectedComponents (ON_SimpleArray< ON_Brep * > &components, bool bDuplicateMeshes) const
ON_BrepSubBrep (int subfi_count, const int *sub_fi, ON_Brep *sub_brep=0) const
bool HasRegionTopology () const
const ON_BrepRegionTopologyRegionTopology () const
void DestroyRegionTopology ()
ON_BrepDuplicateFace (int face_index, ON_BOOL32 bDuplicateMeshes) const
ON_BrepDuplicateFaces (int face_count, const int *face_index, ON_BOOL32 bDuplicateMeshes) const
ON_BrepExtractFace (int face_index)
bool StandardizeEdgeCurve (int edge_index, bool bAdjustEnds)
bool StandardizeEdgeCurve (int edge_index, bool bAdjustEnds, int EdgeCurveUse)
void StandardizeEdgeCurves (bool bAdjustEnds)
bool StandardizeTrimCurve (int trim_index)
void StandardizeTrimCurves ()
bool StandardizeFaceSurface (int face_index)
void StandardizeFaceSurfaces ()
ON_DEPRECATED void StardardizeFaceSurfaces ()
void Standardize ()
bool ShrinkSurface (ON_BrepFace &face, int DisableSide=0)
bool ShrinkSurfaces ()
bool Compact ()
bool CullUnusedFaces ()
bool CullUnusedLoops ()
bool CullUnusedTrims ()
bool CullUnusedEdges ()
bool CullUnusedVertices ()
bool CullUnused3dCurves ()
bool CullUnused2dCurves ()
bool CullUnusedSurfaces ()
int PrevTrim (int) const
int NextTrim (int) const
int PrevEdge (int current_edge_index, int endi, int *prev_endi=NULL) const
int NextEdge (int current_edge_index, int endi, int *next_endi=NULL) const
const ON_GeometryBrepComponent (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX ci) const
ON_BrepVertexVertex (int vertex_index) const
ON_BrepVertexVertex (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX vertex_index) const
ON_BrepEdgeEdge (int edge_index) const
ON_BrepEdgeEdge (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX edge_index) const
ON_BrepTrimTrim (int trim_index) const
ON_BrepTrimTrim (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX trim_index) const
ON_BrepLoopLoop (int loop_index) const
ON_BrepLoopLoop (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX loop_index) const
ON_BrepFaceFace (int face_index) const
ON_BrepFaceFace (ON_COMPONENT_INDEX face_index) const
bool RemoveSlits ()
bool RemoveSlits (ON_BrepFace &F)
int MergeFaces (int fid0, int fid1)
bool MergeFaces ()
bool RemoveNesting (bool bExtractSingleSegments, bool bEdges=true, bool bTrimCurves=true)
bool CollapseEdge (int edge_index, bool bCloseTrimGap=true, int vertex_index=-1)
bool ChangeVertex (int old_vi, int new_vi, bool bClearTolerances)
bool CloseTrimGap (ON_BrepTrim &trim0, ON_BrepTrim &trim1)
int RemoveWireEdges (bool bDeleteVertices=true)
int RemoveWireVertices ()
void Set_user (ON_U u)
void Clear_vertex_user_i ()
void Clear_edge_user_i (int)
void Clear_edge_user_i ()
void Clear_trim_user_i ()
void Clear_loop_user_i ()
void Clear_face_user_i ()
void Clear_user_i ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_Geometry
 ON_Geometry ()
 ON_Geometry (const ON_Geometry &)
ON_Geometryoperator= (const ON_Geometry &)
virtual ~ON_Geometry ()
ON_BoundingBox BoundingBox () const
ON_BOOL32 GetBoundingBox (ON_BoundingBox &bbox, int bGrowBox=false) const
ON_BOOL32 GetBoundingBox (ON_3dPoint &bbox_min, ON_3dPoint &bbox_max, int bGrowBox=false) const
ON_BOOL32 Rotate (double sin_angle, double cos_angle, const ON_3dVector &rotation_axis, const ON_3dPoint &rotation_center)
ON_BOOL32 Rotate (double rotation_angle, const ON_3dVector &rotation_axis, const ON_3dPoint &rotation_center)
ON_BOOL32 Translate (const ON_3dVector &translation_vector)
ON_BOOL32 Scale (double scale_factor)
virtual bool GetTightBoundingBox (ON_BoundingBox &tight_bbox, int bGrowBox=false, const ON_Xform *xform=0) const
virtual bool IsDeformable () const
virtual bool MakeDeformable ()
virtual ON_COMPONENT_INDEX ComponentIndex () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ON_Object
bool CopyFrom (const ON_Object *src)
 ON_Object ()
 ON_Object (const ON_Object &)
ON_Objectoperator= (const ON_Object &)
virtual ~ON_Object ()
void EmergencyDestroy ()
ON_BOOL32 IsKindOf (const ON_ClassId *pClassId) const
virtual ON_UUID ModelObjectId () const
bool SetUserString (const wchar_t *key, const wchar_t *string_value)
int SetUserStrings (int count, const ON_UserString *user_strings, bool bReplace)
bool GetUserString (const wchar_t *key, ON_wString &string_value) const
int GetUserStrings (ON_ClassArray< ON_UserString > &user_strings) const
int GetUserStringKeys (ON_ClassArray< ON_wString > &user_string_keys) const
int UserStringCount () const
ON_BOOL32 AttachUserData (ON_UserData *pUserData)
ON_BOOL32 DetachUserData (ON_UserData *pUserData)
ON_UserDataGetUserData (const ON_UUID &userdata_uuid) const
void PurgeUserData ()
ON_UserDataFirstUserData () const
void TransformUserData (const ON_Xform &xform)
void CopyUserData (const ON_Object &source_object)
void MoveUserData (ON_Object &source_object)

Static Public Member Functions

static ON_BrepNew ()
static ON_BrepNew (const ON_Brep &)

Public Attributes

ON_U m_brep_user
ON_CurveArray m_C2
ON_CurveArray m_C3
ON_SurfaceArray m_S
ON_BrepVertexArray m_V
ON_BrepEdgeArray m_E
ON_BrepTrimArray m_T
ON_BrepLoopArray m_L
ON_BrepFaceArray m_F

Protected Member Functions

void Initialize ()
void SetTrimIsoFlag (int, double[6])
void SetTrimIsoFlag (int)
bool SetEdgeVertex (const int, const int, const int)
bool HopAcrossEdge (int &, int &) const
bool SetTrimStartVertex (const int, const int)
void SetLoopVertices (const int)
void ClearTrimVertices ()
void ClearEdgeVertices ()
bool SwapLoopParameters (int)
bool SwapTrimParameters (int)
bool IsValidTrim (int trim_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidTrimTopology (int trim_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidTrimGeometry (int trim_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidTrimTolerancesAndFlags (int trim_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidLoop (int loop_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidLoopTopology (int loop_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidLoopGeometry (int loop_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidLoopTolerancesAndFlags (int loop_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidFace (int face_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidFaceTopology (int face_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidFaceGeometry (int face_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidFaceTolerancesAndFlags (int face_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidEdge (int edge_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidEdgeTopology (int edge_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidEdgeGeometry (int edge_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidEdgeTolerancesAndFlags (int edge_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidVertex (int vertex_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidVertexTopology (int vertex_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidVertexGeometry (int vertex_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
bool IsValidVertexTolerancesAndFlags (int vertex_index, ON_TextLog *text_log) const
void SetTolsFromLegacyValues ()
bool ReadOld100 (ON_BinaryArchive &)
bool ReadOld101 (ON_BinaryArchive &)
bool ReadOld200 (ON_BinaryArchive &, int)
ON_CurveRead100_BrepCurve (ON_BinaryArchive &) const
ON_SurfaceRead100_BrepSurface (ON_BinaryArchive &) const
bool ReadV1_LegacyTrimStuff (ON_BinaryArchive &, ON_BrepFace &, ON_BrepLoop &)
bool ReadV1_LegacyTrim (ON_BinaryArchive &, ON_BrepFace &, ON_BrepLoop &)
bool ReadV1_LegacyLoopStuff (ON_BinaryArchive &, ON_BrepFace &)
bool ReadV1_LegacyLoop (ON_BinaryArchive &, ON_BrepFace &)
bool ReadV1_LegacyFaceStuff (ON_BinaryArchive &)
bool ReadV1_LegacyShellStuff (ON_BinaryArchive &)

Protected Attributes

ON_BoundingBox m_bbox
int m_is_solid


class ON_BrepFace
class ON_BrepRegion
class ON_BrepFaceSide
bool ON_BinaryArchive::ReadV1_TCODE_LEGACY_FAC (ON_Object **, ON_3dmObjectAttributes *)
bool ON_BinaryArchive::ReadV1_TCODE_LEGACY_SHL (ON_Object **, ON_3dmObjectAttributes *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1570 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ON_Brep::ON_Brep ( )
ON_Brep::~ON_Brep ( )
ON_Brep::ON_Brep ( const ON_Brep )

Member Function Documentation

int ON_Brep::AddEdgeCurve ( ON_Curve )
int ON_Brep::AddSurface ( ON_Surface )
int ON_Brep::AddTrimCurve ( ON_Curve )
void ON_Brep::Append ( const ON_Brep )
const ON_Geometry* ON_Brep::BrepComponent ( ON_COMPONENT_INDEX  ci) const
ON_Brep* ON_Brep::BrepForm ( ON_Brep brep = NULL) const

Reimplemented from ON_Geometry.

bool ON_Brep::ChangeVertex ( int  old_vi,
int  new_vi,
bool  bClearTolerances 
void ON_Brep::Clear_edge_user_i ( int  )
void ON_Brep::Clear_edge_user_i ( )
void ON_Brep::Clear_face_user_i ( )
void ON_Brep::Clear_loop_user_i ( )
void ON_Brep::Clear_trim_user_i ( )
void ON_Brep::Clear_user_i ( )
void ON_Brep::Clear_vertex_user_i ( )
void ON_Brep::ClearBoundingBox ( )

Reimplemented from ON_Geometry.

void ON_Brep::ClearEdgeVertices ( )
void ON_Brep::ClearTrimVertices ( )
bool ON_Brep::CloseTrimGap ( ON_BrepTrim trim0,
ON_BrepTrim trim1 
bool ON_Brep::CollapseEdge ( int  edge_index,
bool  bCloseTrimGap = true,
int  vertex_index = -1 
bool ON_Brep::CombineCoincidentEdges ( ON_BrepEdge ,
bool ON_Brep::CombineCoincidentVertices ( ON_BrepVertex ,
ON_BrepEdge* ON_Brep::CombineContiguousEdges ( int  edge_index0,
int  edge_iindex1,
double  angle_tolerance_radians = ON_PI/180.0 
bool ON_Brep::Compact ( )
ON_BrepLoop::TYPE ON_Brep::ComputeLoopType ( const ON_BrepLoop ) const
bool ON_Brep::Create ( ON_Surface *&  pSurface)
bool ON_Brep::Create ( ON_NurbsSurface *&  pNurbsSurface)
bool ON_Brep::Create ( ON_PlaneSurface *&  pPlaneSurface)
bool ON_Brep::Create ( ON_RevSurface *&  pRevSurface)
bool ON_Brep::Create ( ON_SumSurface *&  pSumSurface)
int ON_Brep::CreateMesh ( const ON_MeshParameters mp,
ON_SimpleArray< ON_Mesh * > &  mesh_list 
) const
bool ON_Brep::CullUnused2dCurves ( )
bool ON_Brep::CullUnused3dCurves ( )
bool ON_Brep::CullUnusedEdges ( )
bool ON_Brep::CullUnusedFaces ( )
bool ON_Brep::CullUnusedLoops ( )
bool ON_Brep::CullUnusedSurfaces ( )
bool ON_Brep::CullUnusedTrims ( )
bool ON_Brep::CullUnusedVertices ( )
ON__UINT32 ON_Brep::DataCRC ( ON__UINT32  current_remainder) const

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

void ON_Brep::Delete2dCurve ( int  c2_index)
void ON_Brep::Delete3dCurve ( int  c3_index)
void ON_Brep::DeleteEdge ( ON_BrepEdge edge,
ON_BOOL32  bDeleteEdgeVertices 
void ON_Brep::DeleteFace ( ON_BrepFace face,
ON_BOOL32  bDeleteFaceEdges 
void ON_Brep::DeleteLoop ( ON_BrepLoop loop,
ON_BOOL32  bDeleteLoopEdges 
void ON_Brep::DeleteSurface ( int  s_index)
void ON_Brep::DeleteTrim ( ON_BrepTrim trim,
ON_BOOL32  bDeleteTrimEdges 
void ON_Brep::DeleteVertex ( ON_BrepVertex vertex)
void ON_Brep::Destroy ( )
void ON_Brep::DestroyMesh ( ON::mesh_type  mesh_type,
bool  bDeleteMesh = true 
void ON_Brep::DestroyRegionTopology ( )
void ON_Brep::DestroyRuntimeCache ( bool  bDelete = true)

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

int ON_Brep::Dimension ( ) const

Implements ON_Geometry.

void ON_Brep::Dump ( ON_TextLog ) const

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

ON_Brep* ON_Brep::DuplicateFace ( int  face_index,
ON_BOOL32  bDuplicateMeshes 
) const
ON_Brep* ON_Brep::DuplicateFaces ( int  face_count,
const int *  face_index,
ON_BOOL32  bDuplicateMeshes 
) const
ON_BrepEdge* ON_Brep::Edge ( int  edge_index) const
ON_BrepEdge* ON_Brep::Edge ( ON_COMPONENT_INDEX  edge_index) const
int ON_Brep::EdgeCurveUseCount ( int  c3_index,
int  max_count = 0 
) const
void ON_Brep::EmergencyDestroy ( )
bool ON_Brep::EvaluatePoint ( const class ON_ObjRef objref,
ON_3dPoint P 
) const

Reimplemented from ON_Geometry.

ON_Brep* ON_Brep::ExtractFace ( int  face_index)
ON_BrepFace* ON_Brep::Face ( int  face_index) const
ON_BrepFace* ON_Brep::Face ( ON_COMPONENT_INDEX  face_index) const
bool ON_Brep::FaceIsSurface ( int  ) const
void ON_Brep::Flip ( )
void ON_Brep::FlipFace ( ON_BrepFace )
void ON_Brep::FlipLoop ( ON_BrepLoop )
bool ON_Brep::FlipReversedSurfaces ( )
ON_BOOL32 ON_Brep::GetBBox ( double *  ,
double *  ,
ON_BOOL32  = false 
) const

Implements ON_Geometry.

int ON_Brep::GetConnectedComponents ( ON_SimpleArray< ON_Brep * > &  components,
bool  bDuplicateMeshes 
) const
int ON_Brep::GetMesh ( ON::mesh_type  mesh_type,
ON_SimpleArray< const ON_Mesh * > &  meshes 
) const
bool ON_Brep::GetTrim2dEnd ( int  ,
) const
bool ON_Brep::GetTrim2dStart ( int  trim_index,
) const
bool ON_Brep::GetTrim3dEnd ( int  ,
) const
bool ON_Brep::GetTrim3dStart ( int  ,
) const
ON_BOOL32 ON_Brep::HasBrepForm ( ) const

Reimplemented from ON_Geometry.

bool ON_Brep::HasRegionTopology ( ) const
bool ON_Brep::HopAcrossEdge ( int &  ,
int &   
) const
void ON_Brep::Initialize ( )
bool ON_Brep::IsDuplicate ( const ON_Brep other,
double  tolerance = ON_ZERO_TOLERANCE 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsManifold ( ON_BOOL32 *  pbIsOriented = NULL,
ON_BOOL32 *  pbHasBoundary = NULL 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsPointInside ( ON_3dPoint  P,
double  tolerance,
bool  bStrictlyInside 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsSolid ( ) const
bool ON_Brep::IsSurface ( ) const
ON_BOOL32 ON_Brep::IsValid ( ON_TextLog text_log = NULL) const

Implements ON_Object.

bool ON_Brep::IsValidEdge ( int  edge_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidEdgeGeometry ( int  edge_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidEdgeTolerancesAndFlags ( int  edge_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidEdgeTopology ( int  edge_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidFace ( int  face_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidFaceGeometry ( int  face_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidFaceTolerancesAndFlags ( int  face_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidFaceTopology ( int  face_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidForV2 ( ) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidForV2 ( const ON_BrepTrim ) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidForV2 ( const ON_BrepEdge ) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidGeometry ( ON_TextLog text_log = NULL) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidLoop ( int  loop_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidLoopGeometry ( int  loop_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidLoopTolerancesAndFlags ( int  loop_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidLoopTopology ( int  loop_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidTolerancesAndFlags ( ON_TextLog text_log = NULL) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidTopology ( ON_TextLog text_log = NULL) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidTrim ( int  trim_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidTrimGeometry ( int  trim_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidTrimTolerancesAndFlags ( int  trim_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidTrimTopology ( int  trim_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidVertex ( int  vertex_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidVertexGeometry ( int  vertex_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidVertexTolerancesAndFlags ( int  vertex_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
bool ON_Brep::IsValidVertexTopology ( int  vertex_index,
ON_TextLog text_log 
) const
void ON_Brep::LabelConnectedComponent ( int  face_index,
int  label 
int ON_Brep::LabelConnectedComponents ( )
ON_BrepLoop* ON_Brep::Loop ( int  loop_index) const
ON_BrepLoop* ON_Brep::Loop ( ON_COMPONENT_INDEX  loop_index) const
ON_Curve* ON_Brep::Loop2dCurve ( const ON_BrepLoop loop) const
ON_Curve* ON_Brep::Loop3dCurve ( const ON_BrepLoop loop,
ON_BOOL32  bRevCurveIfFaceRevIsTrue = false 
) const
int ON_Brep::Loop3dCurve ( const ON_BrepLoop loop,
ON_SimpleArray< ON_Curve * > &  curve_list,
ON_BOOL32  bRevCurveIfFaceRevIsTrue = false 
) const
int ON_Brep::LoopDirection ( const ON_BrepLoop ) const
bool ON_Brep::LoopIsSurfaceBoundary ( int  ) const
void ON_Brep::MemoryRelocate ( )

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

int ON_Brep::MergeFaces ( int  fid0,
int  fid1 
bool ON_Brep::MergeFaces ( )
static ON_Brep* ON_Brep::New ( )
static ON_Brep* ON_Brep::New ( const ON_Brep )
ON_BrepFace* ON_Brep::NewConeFace ( const ON_BrepVertex vertex,
const ON_BrepEdge edge,
bool  bRevEdge 
ON_BrepTrim& ON_Brep::NewCurveOnFace ( ON_BrepFace face,
ON_BrepEdge edge,
ON_BOOL32  bRev3d = false,
int  c2i = -1 
ON_BrepEdge& ON_Brep::NewEdge ( int  = -1)
ON_BrepEdge& ON_Brep::NewEdge ( ON_BrepVertex ,
ON_BrepVertex ,
int  = -1,
const ON_Interval = NULL,
double  edge_tolerance = ON_UNSET_VALUE 
ON_BrepFace& ON_Brep::NewFace ( int  si = -1)
ON_BrepFace* ON_Brep::NewFace ( const ON_Surface surface)
ON_BrepFace* ON_Brep::NewFace ( ON_Surface pSurface,
int  vid[4],
int  eid[4],
ON_BOOL32  bRev3d[4] 
ON_BrepLoop& ON_Brep::NewLoop ( ON_BrepLoop::TYPE  )
ON_BrepLoop& ON_Brep::NewLoop ( ON_BrepLoop::TYPE  loop_type,
ON_BrepFace face 
ON_BrepLoop* ON_Brep::NewOuterLoop ( int  face_index)
ON_BrepLoop* ON_Brep::NewOuterLoop ( int  face_index,
int  vid[4],
int  eid[4],
ON_BOOL32  bRev3d[4] 
bool ON_Brep::NewPlanarFaceLoop ( int  face_index,
ON_BrepLoop::TYPE  loop_type,
ON_SimpleArray< ON_Curve * > &  boundary,
ON_BOOL32  bDuplicateCurves = true 
ON_BrepVertex& ON_Brep::NewPointOnFace ( ON_BrepFace face,
double  s,
double  t 
ON_BrepFace* ON_Brep::NewRuledFace ( const ON_BrepEdge edgeA,
bool  bRevEdgeA,
const ON_BrepEdge edgeB,
bool  bRevEdgeB 
ON_BrepTrim& ON_Brep::NewSingularTrim ( const ON_BrepVertex vertex,
ON_BrepLoop loop,
ON_Surface::ISO  iso,
int  c2i = -1 
ON_BrepTrim& ON_Brep::NewTrim ( int  c2i = -1)
ON_BrepTrim& ON_Brep::NewTrim ( ON_BOOL32  bRev3d,
ON_BrepLoop loop,
int  c2i = -1 
ON_BrepTrim& ON_Brep::NewTrim ( ON_BrepEdge edge,
ON_BOOL32  bRev3d,
int  c2i = -1 
ON_BrepTrim& ON_Brep::NewTrim ( ON_BrepEdge edge,
ON_BOOL32  bRev3d,
ON_BrepLoop loop,
int  c2i = -1 
ON_BrepVertex& ON_Brep::NewVertex ( )
ON_BrepVertex& ON_Brep::NewVertex ( ON_3dPoint  vertex_point,
double  vertex_tolerance = ON_UNSET_VALUE 
int ON_Brep::NextEdge ( int  current_edge_index,
int  endi,
int *  next_endi = NULL 
) const
int ON_Brep::NextTrim ( int  ) const
ON::object_type ON_Brep::ObjectType ( ) const

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

ON_Brep& ON_Brep::operator= ( const ON_Brep )
int ON_Brep::PrevEdge ( int  current_edge_index,
int  endi,
int *  prev_endi = NULL 
) const
int ON_Brep::PrevTrim ( int  ) const
ON_BOOL32 ON_Brep::Read ( ON_BinaryArchive )

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

ON_Curve* ON_Brep::Read100_BrepCurve ( ON_BinaryArchive ) const
ON_Surface* ON_Brep::Read100_BrepSurface ( ON_BinaryArchive ) const
bool ON_Brep::ReadOld100 ( ON_BinaryArchive )
bool ON_Brep::ReadOld101 ( ON_BinaryArchive )
bool ON_Brep::ReadOld200 ( ON_BinaryArchive ,
bool ON_Brep::ReadV1_LegacyFaceStuff ( ON_BinaryArchive )
bool ON_Brep::ReadV1_LegacyLoop ( ON_BinaryArchive ,
bool ON_Brep::ReadV1_LegacyLoopStuff ( ON_BinaryArchive ,
bool ON_Brep::ReadV1_LegacyShellStuff ( ON_BinaryArchive )
bool ON_Brep::ReadV1_LegacyTrim ( ON_BinaryArchive ,
ON_BrepFace ,
bool ON_Brep::ReadV1_LegacyTrimStuff ( ON_BinaryArchive ,
ON_BrepFace ,
const ON_BrepRegionTopology& ON_Brep::RegionTopology ( ) const
bool ON_Brep::RemoveNesting ( bool  bExtractSingleSegments,
bool  bEdges = true,
bool  bTrimCurves = true 
bool ON_Brep::RemoveSlits ( )
bool ON_Brep::RemoveSlits ( ON_BrepFace F)
int ON_Brep::RemoveWireEdges ( bool  bDeleteVertices = true)
int ON_Brep::RemoveWireVertices ( )
void ON_Brep::Set_user ( ON_U  u)
bool ON_Brep::SetEdgeCurve ( ON_BrepEdge edge,
int  c3_index,
const ON_Interval sub_domain = NULL 
bool ON_Brep::SetEdgeDomain ( int  ,
const ON_Interval  
virtual bool ON_Brep::SetEdgeTolerance ( ON_BrepEdge edge,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
) const
bool ON_Brep::SetEdgeTolerances ( ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false)
bool ON_Brep::SetEdgeVertex ( const int  ,
const int  ,
const int   
void ON_Brep::SetLoopVertices ( const int  )
void ON_Brep::SetTolerancesBoxesAndFlags ( ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false,
ON_BOOL32  bSetVertexTolerances = true,
ON_BOOL32  bSetEdgeTolerances = true,
ON_BOOL32  bSetTrimTolerances = true,
ON_BOOL32  bSetTrimIsoFlags = true,
ON_BOOL32  bSetTrimTypeFlags = true,
ON_BOOL32  bSetLoopTypeFlags = true,
ON_BOOL32  bSetTrimBoxes = true 
void ON_Brep::SetTolsFromLegacyValues ( )
virtual bool ON_Brep::SetTrimBoundingBox ( ON_BrepTrim trim,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
virtual bool ON_Brep::SetTrimBoundingBoxes ( ON_BrepLoop loop,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
virtual bool ON_Brep::SetTrimBoundingBoxes ( ON_BrepFace face,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
virtual bool ON_Brep::SetTrimBoundingBoxes ( ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false)
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimCurve ( ON_BrepTrim trim,
int  c2_index,
const ON_Interval sub_domain = NULL 
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimDomain ( int  ,
const ON_Interval  
void ON_Brep::SetTrimIsoFlag ( int  ,
double  [6] 
void ON_Brep::SetTrimIsoFlag ( int  )
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimIsoFlags ( )
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimIsoFlags ( ON_BrepFace )
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimIsoFlags ( ON_BrepLoop )
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimIsoFlags ( ON_BrepTrim )
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimStartVertex ( const int  ,
const int   
virtual bool ON_Brep::SetTrimTolerance ( ON_BrepTrim trim,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
) const
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimTolerances ( ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false)
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimTypeFlags ( ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false)
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimTypeFlags ( ON_BrepFace ,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimTypeFlags ( ON_BrepLoop ,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
bool ON_Brep::SetTrimTypeFlags ( ON_BrepTrim ,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
bool ON_Brep::SetVertexTolerance ( ON_BrepVertex vertex,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false 
) const
bool ON_Brep::SetVertexTolerances ( ON_BOOL32  bLazy = false)
void ON_Brep::SetVertices ( void  )
bool ON_Brep::ShrinkSurface ( ON_BrepFace face,
int  DisableSide = 0 
bool ON_Brep::ShrinkSurfaces ( )
unsigned int ON_Brep::SizeOf ( ) const

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

virtual int ON_Brep::SolidOrientation ( ) const
bool ON_Brep::SortFaceLoops ( ON_BrepFace face) const
void ON_Brep::Standardize ( )
bool ON_Brep::StandardizeEdgeCurve ( int  edge_index,
bool  bAdjustEnds 
bool ON_Brep::StandardizeEdgeCurve ( int  edge_index,
bool  bAdjustEnds,
int  EdgeCurveUse 
void ON_Brep::StandardizeEdgeCurves ( bool  bAdjustEnds)
bool ON_Brep::StandardizeFaceSurface ( int  face_index)
void ON_Brep::StandardizeFaceSurfaces ( )
bool ON_Brep::StandardizeTrimCurve ( int  trim_index)
void ON_Brep::StandardizeTrimCurves ( )
ON_DEPRECATED void ON_Brep::StardardizeFaceSurfaces ( )
ON_Brep* ON_Brep::SubBrep ( int  subfi_count,
const int *  sub_fi,
ON_Brep sub_brep = 0 
) const
int ON_Brep::SurfaceUseCount ( int  surface_index,
int  max_count = 0 
) const
ON_BOOL32 ON_Brep::SwapCoordinates ( int  ,

Reimplemented from ON_Geometry.

bool ON_Brep::SwapLoopParameters ( int  )
bool ON_Brep::SwapTrimParameters ( int  )
ON_BOOL32 ON_Brep::Transform ( const ON_Xform )

Reimplemented from ON_Geometry.

ON_BrepTrim* ON_Brep::Trim ( int  trim_index) const
ON_BrepTrim* ON_Brep::Trim ( ON_COMPONENT_INDEX  trim_index) const
int ON_Brep::TrimCurveUseCount ( int  c2_index,
int  max_count = 0 
) const
ON_BrepTrim::TYPE ON_Brep::TrimType ( const ON_BrepTrim trim,
ON_BOOL32  bLazy = true 
) const
ON_BrepVertex* ON_Brep::Vertex ( int  vertex_index) const
ON_BrepVertex* ON_Brep::Vertex ( ON_COMPONENT_INDEX  vertex_index) const
ON_BOOL32 ON_Brep::Write ( ON_BinaryArchive ) const

Reimplemented from ON_Object.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ON_BrepFace

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friend class ON_BrepFaceSide

Definition at line 3748 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

friend class ON_BrepRegion

Definition at line 3747 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

Member Data Documentation

ON_BoundingBox ON_Brep::m_bbox

Definition at line 3749 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_U ON_Brep::m_brep_user

Definition at line 3726 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_CurveArray ON_Brep::m_C2

Definition at line 3731 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_CurveArray ON_Brep::m_C3

Definition at line 3733 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_BrepEdgeArray ON_Brep::m_E

Definition at line 3740 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_BrepFaceArray ON_Brep::m_F

Definition at line 3743 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

int ON_Brep::m_is_solid

Definition at line 3758 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_BrepLoopArray ON_Brep::m_L

Definition at line 3742 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_SurfaceArray ON_Brep::m_S

Definition at line 3734 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_BrepTrimArray ON_Brep::m_T

Definition at line 3741 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

ON_BrepVertexArray ON_Brep::m_V

Definition at line 3739 of file opennurbs_brep.h.

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