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ON_CompressedBuffer Class Reference

#include <pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/opennurbs_zlib.h>

Public Member Functions

 ON_CompressedBuffer ()
 ~ON_CompressedBuffer ()
 ON_CompressedBuffer (const ON_CompressedBuffer &src)
ON_CompressedBufferoperator= (const ON_CompressedBuffer &src)
bool Compress (size_t sizeof__inbuffer, const void *inbuffer, int sizeof_element)
size_t SizeOfUncompressedBuffer () const
bool Uncompress (void *outbuffer, int *bFailedCRC) const
void Destroy ()
bool Write (ON_BinaryArchive &binary_archive) const
bool Read (ON_BinaryArchive &binary_archive)
bool CompressionInit (struct ON_CompressedBufferHelper *) const
bool CompressionEnd (struct ON_CompressedBufferHelper *) const
size_t DeflateHelper (struct ON_CompressedBufferHelper *, size_t sizeof___inbuffer, const void *in___buffer)
bool InflateHelper (struct ON_CompressedBufferHelper *, size_t sizeof___outbuffer, void *out___buffer) const
bool WriteChar (size_t count, const void *buffer)

Public Attributes

size_t m_sizeof_uncompressed
size_t m_sizeof_compressed
ON__UINT32 m_crc_uncompressed
ON__UINT32 m_crc_compressed
int m_method
int m_sizeof_element
size_t m_buffer_compressed_capacity
void * m_buffer_compressed

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ON_CompressedBuffer::ON_CompressedBuffer ( )
ON_CompressedBuffer::~ON_CompressedBuffer ( )
ON_CompressedBuffer::ON_CompressedBuffer ( const ON_CompressedBuffer src)

Member Function Documentation

bool ON_CompressedBuffer::Compress ( size_t  sizeof__inbuffer,
const void *  inbuffer,
int  sizeof_element 
bool ON_CompressedBuffer::CompressionEnd ( struct ON_CompressedBufferHelper *  ) const
bool ON_CompressedBuffer::CompressionInit ( struct ON_CompressedBufferHelper *  ) const
size_t ON_CompressedBuffer::DeflateHelper ( struct ON_CompressedBufferHelper *  ,
size_t  sizeof___inbuffer,
const void *  in___buffer 
void ON_CompressedBuffer::Destroy ( )
bool ON_CompressedBuffer::InflateHelper ( struct ON_CompressedBufferHelper *  ,
size_t  sizeof___outbuffer,
void *  out___buffer 
) const
ON_CompressedBuffer& ON_CompressedBuffer::operator= ( const ON_CompressedBuffer src)
bool ON_CompressedBuffer::Read ( ON_BinaryArchive binary_archive)
size_t ON_CompressedBuffer::SizeOfUncompressedBuffer ( ) const
bool ON_CompressedBuffer::Uncompress ( void *  outbuffer,
int *  bFailedCRC 
) const
bool ON_CompressedBuffer::Write ( ON_BinaryArchive binary_archive) const
bool ON_CompressedBuffer::WriteChar ( size_t  count,
const void *  buffer 

Member Data Documentation

void* ON_CompressedBuffer::m_buffer_compressed

Definition at line 142 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

size_t ON_CompressedBuffer::m_buffer_compressed_capacity

Definition at line 141 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

ON__UINT32 ON_CompressedBuffer::m_crc_compressed

Definition at line 138 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

ON__UINT32 ON_CompressedBuffer::m_crc_uncompressed

Definition at line 137 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

int ON_CompressedBuffer::m_method

Definition at line 139 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

size_t ON_CompressedBuffer::m_sizeof_compressed

Definition at line 136 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

int ON_CompressedBuffer::m_sizeof_element

Definition at line 140 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

size_t ON_CompressedBuffer::m_sizeof_uncompressed

Definition at line 135 of file opennurbs_zlib.h.

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