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ON_MeshParameters Class Reference

#include <pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/opennurbs_mesh.h>

Public Types

enum  MESH_STYLE {
  unset_mesh_style = 0, render_mesh_fast = 1, render_mesh_quality = 2, render_mesh_custom = 9,
  render_mesh_per_object = 10

Public Member Functions

 ON_MeshParameters ()
 ~ON_MeshParameters ()
bool operator!= (const ON_MeshParameters &) const
bool operator== (const ON_MeshParameters &) const
bool operator== (const ON_Mesh &) const
bool operator!= (const ON_Mesh &) const
void Dump (ON_TextLog &test_log) const
void Default ()
void Set (double density, double min_edge_length=0.0001)
ON_DEPRECATED void JaggedAndFasterMeshParameters ()
ON_DEPRECATED void SmoothAndSlowerMeshParameters ()
void DefaultAnalysisMeshParameters ()
int Compare (const ON_MeshParameters &) const
int CompareGeometrySettings (const ON_MeshParameters &) const
bool Write (ON_BinaryArchive &) const
bool Read (ON_BinaryArchive &)
ON__UINT32 DataCRC (ON__UINT32) const

Static Public Member Functions

static double Tolerance (double relative_tolerance, double actual_size)
static double MinEdgeLength (double max_edge_length, double tolerance)

Public Attributes

bool m_bCustomSettings
bool m_bComputeCurvature
bool m_bSimplePlanes
bool m_bRefine
bool m_bJaggedSeams
bool m_bDoublePrecision
bool m_bCustomSettingsEnabled
unsigned char m_mesher
int m_texture_range
double m_tolerance
double m_relative_tolerance
double m_min_tolerance
double m_min_edge_length
double m_max_edge_length
double m_grid_aspect_ratio
int m_grid_min_count
int m_grid_max_count
double m_grid_angle
double m_grid_amplification
double m_refine_angle
int m_face_type

Static Public Attributes

static const ON_MeshParameters FastRenderMesh
static const ON_MeshParameters QualityRenderMesh

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ON_MeshParameters::ON_MeshParameters ( )
ON_MeshParameters::~ON_MeshParameters ( )

Member Function Documentation

int ON_MeshParameters::Compare ( const ON_MeshParameters ) const
int ON_MeshParameters::CompareGeometrySettings ( const ON_MeshParameters ) const
ON__UINT32 ON_MeshParameters::DataCRC ( ON__UINT32  ) const
void ON_MeshParameters::Default ( )
void ON_MeshParameters::DefaultAnalysisMeshParameters ( )
void ON_MeshParameters::Dump ( ON_TextLog test_log) const
ON_DEPRECATED void ON_MeshParameters::JaggedAndFasterMeshParameters ( )
static double ON_MeshParameters::MinEdgeLength ( double  max_edge_length,
double  tolerance 
bool ON_MeshParameters::operator!= ( const ON_MeshParameters ) const
bool ON_MeshParameters::operator!= ( const ON_Mesh ) const
bool ON_MeshParameters::operator== ( const ON_MeshParameters ) const
bool ON_MeshParameters::operator== ( const ON_Mesh ) const
bool ON_MeshParameters::Read ( ON_BinaryArchive )
void ON_MeshParameters::Set ( double  density,
double  min_edge_length = 0.0001 
ON_DEPRECATED void ON_MeshParameters::SmoothAndSlowerMeshParameters ( )
static double ON_MeshParameters::Tolerance ( double  relative_tolerance,
double  actual_size 
bool ON_MeshParameters::Write ( ON_BinaryArchive ) const

Member Data Documentation

const ON_MeshParameters ON_MeshParameters::FastRenderMesh

Definition at line 47 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

bool ON_MeshParameters::m_bComputeCurvature

Definition at line 171 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

bool ON_MeshParameters::m_bCustomSettings

Definition at line 163 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

bool ON_MeshParameters::m_bCustomSettingsEnabled

Definition at line 196 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

bool ON_MeshParameters::m_bDoublePrecision

Definition at line 190 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

bool ON_MeshParameters::m_bJaggedSeams

Definition at line 183 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

bool ON_MeshParameters::m_bRefine

Definition at line 180 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

bool ON_MeshParameters::m_bSimplePlanes

Definition at line 174 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

int ON_MeshParameters::m_face_type

Definition at line 265 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_grid_amplification

Definition at line 254 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_grid_angle

Definition at line 251 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_grid_aspect_ratio

Definition at line 246 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

int ON_MeshParameters::m_grid_max_count

Definition at line 250 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

int ON_MeshParameters::m_grid_min_count

Definition at line 249 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_max_edge_length

Definition at line 241 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

unsigned char ON_MeshParameters::m_mesher

Definition at line 200 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_min_edge_length

Definition at line 237 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_min_tolerance

Definition at line 229 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_refine_angle

Definition at line 261 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_relative_tolerance

Definition at line 228 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

int ON_MeshParameters::m_texture_range

Definition at line 202 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

double ON_MeshParameters::m_tolerance

Definition at line 225 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

const ON_MeshParameters ON_MeshParameters::QualityRenderMesh

Definition at line 55 of file opennurbs_mesh.h.

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