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ONX_Model Class Reference

#include <pcl/surface/3rdparty/opennurbs/opennurbs_extensions.h>

Public Member Functions

 ONX_Model ()
virtual ~ONX_Model ()
void Destroy ()
bool Read (ON_BinaryArchive &archive, ON_TextLog *error_log=NULL)
bool Read (const char *filename, ON_TextLog *error_log=NULL)
bool Read (const wchar_t *filename, ON_TextLog *error_log=NULL)
bool Write (ON_BinaryArchive &archive, int version=0, const char *sStartSectionComment=NULL, ON_TextLog *error_log=NULL)
bool Write (const char *filename, int version=0, const char *sStartSectionComment=NULL, ON_TextLog *error_log=NULL)
bool Write (const wchar_t *filename, int version=0, const char *sStartSectionComment=NULL, ON_TextLog *error_log=NULL)
bool IsValid (ON_TextLog *text_log=NULL) const
virtual void Polish ()
virtual int Audit (bool bAttemptRepair, int *repair_count, ON_TextLog *text_log, ON_SimpleArray< int > *warnings)
ON_BoundingBox BoundingBox () const
void GetRenderMaterial (const ON_3dmObjectAttributes &attributes, ON_Material &material) const
void GetRenderMaterial (int object_index, ON_Material &material) const
void GetLinetype (const ON_3dmObjectAttributes &attributes, ON_Linetype &linetype) const
void GetLinetype (int object_index, ON_Linetype &linetype) const
ON_Color WireframeColor (const ON_3dmObjectAttributes &attributes) const
ON_Color WireframeColor (int object_index) const
virtual int ObjectIndex (ON_UUID object_uuid) const
virtual int IDefIndex (ON_UUID idef_uuid) const
virtual int IDefIndex (const wchar_t *idef_name) const
virtual void GetUnusedIDefName (ON_wString &idef_name) const
virtual int UsesIDef (const ON_InstanceRef &iref, ON_UUID idef_uuid) const
virtual int LayerIndex (const wchar_t *layer_name) const
virtual void GetUnusedLayerName (ON_wString &layer_name) const
bool SetDocumentUserString (const wchar_t *key, const wchar_t *string_value)
bool GetDocumentUserString (const wchar_t *key, ON_wString &string_value) const
int GetDocumentUserStrings (ON_ClassArray< ON_UserString > &user_strings) const
void Dump (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpSummary (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpBitmapTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpTextureMappingTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpMaterialTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpLinetypeTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpLayerTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpLightTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpGroupTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpFontTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpDimStyleTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpHatchPatternTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpIDefTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpObjectTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpHistoryRecordTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DumpUserDataTable (ON_TextLog &) const
void DestroyCache ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsRDKDocumentInformation (const ONX_Model_UserData &docud)
static bool GetRDKDocumentInformation (const ONX_Model_UserData &docud, ON_wString &rdk_xml_document_data)
static bool IsRDKObjectInformation (const ON_UserData &objectud)
static bool GetRDKObjectInformation (const ON_Object &object, ON_wString &rdk_xml_object_data)

Public Attributes

int m_3dm_file_version
int m_3dm_opennurbs_version
ON_String m_sStartSectionComments
ON_3dmProperties m_properties
ON_3dmSettings m_settings
ON_SimpleArray< ON_Bitmap * > m_bitmap_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_TextureMappingm_mapping_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_Materialm_material_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_Linetypem_linetype_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_Layerm_layer_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_Groupm_group_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_Fontm_font_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_DimStylem_dimstyle_table
ON_ClassArray< ONX_Model_RenderLightm_light_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_HatchPatternm_hatch_pattern_table
ON_ObjectArray< ON_InstanceDefinitionm_idef_table
ON_ClassArray< ONX_Model_Objectm_object_table
ON_SimpleArray< ON_HistoryRecord * > m_history_record_table
ON_ClassArray< ONX_Model_UserDatam_userdata_table
ON_UuidIndexList m_mapping_id_index
ON_UuidIndexList m_material_id_index
ON_UuidIndexList m_object_id_index
ON_UuidIndexList m_idef_id_index
size_t m_file_length
int m_crc_error_count

Detailed Description

Definition at line 177 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ONX_Model::ONX_Model ( )
virtual ONX_Model::~ONX_Model ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual int ONX_Model::Audit ( bool  bAttemptRepair,
int *  repair_count,
ON_TextLog text_log,
ON_SimpleArray< int > *  warnings 
ON_BoundingBox ONX_Model::BoundingBox ( ) const
void ONX_Model::Destroy ( )
void ONX_Model::DestroyCache ( )
void ONX_Model::Dump ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpBitmapTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpDimStyleTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpFontTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpGroupTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpHatchPatternTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpHistoryRecordTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpIDefTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpLayerTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpLightTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpLinetypeTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpMaterialTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpObjectTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpSummary ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpTextureMappingTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
void ONX_Model::DumpUserDataTable ( ON_TextLog ) const
bool ONX_Model::GetDocumentUserString ( const wchar_t *  key,
ON_wString string_value 
) const
int ONX_Model::GetDocumentUserStrings ( ON_ClassArray< ON_UserString > &  user_strings) const
void ONX_Model::GetLinetype ( const ON_3dmObjectAttributes attributes,
ON_Linetype linetype 
) const
void ONX_Model::GetLinetype ( int  object_index,
ON_Linetype linetype 
) const
static bool ONX_Model::GetRDKDocumentInformation ( const ONX_Model_UserData docud,
ON_wString rdk_xml_document_data 
static bool ONX_Model::GetRDKObjectInformation ( const ON_Object object,
ON_wString rdk_xml_object_data 
void ONX_Model::GetRenderMaterial ( const ON_3dmObjectAttributes attributes,
ON_Material material 
) const
void ONX_Model::GetRenderMaterial ( int  object_index,
ON_Material material 
) const
virtual void ONX_Model::GetUnusedIDefName ( ON_wString idef_name) const
virtual void ONX_Model::GetUnusedLayerName ( ON_wString layer_name) const
virtual int ONX_Model::IDefIndex ( ON_UUID  idef_uuid) const
virtual int ONX_Model::IDefIndex ( const wchar_t *  idef_name) const
static bool ONX_Model::IsRDKDocumentInformation ( const ONX_Model_UserData docud)
static bool ONX_Model::IsRDKObjectInformation ( const ON_UserData objectud)
bool ONX_Model::IsValid ( ON_TextLog text_log = NULL) const
virtual int ONX_Model::LayerIndex ( const wchar_t *  layer_name) const
virtual int ONX_Model::ObjectIndex ( ON_UUID  object_uuid) const
virtual void ONX_Model::Polish ( )
bool ONX_Model::Read ( ON_BinaryArchive archive,
ON_TextLog error_log = NULL 
bool ONX_Model::Read ( const char *  filename,
ON_TextLog error_log = NULL 
bool ONX_Model::Read ( const wchar_t *  filename,
ON_TextLog error_log = NULL 
bool ONX_Model::SetDocumentUserString ( const wchar_t *  key,
const wchar_t *  string_value 
virtual int ONX_Model::UsesIDef ( const ON_InstanceRef iref,
ON_UUID  idef_uuid 
) const
ON_Color ONX_Model::WireframeColor ( const ON_3dmObjectAttributes attributes) const
ON_Color ONX_Model::WireframeColor ( int  object_index) const
bool ONX_Model::Write ( ON_BinaryArchive archive,
int  version = 0,
const char *  sStartSectionComment = NULL,
ON_TextLog error_log = NULL 
bool ONX_Model::Write ( const char *  filename,
int  version = 0,
const char *  sStartSectionComment = NULL,
ON_TextLog error_log = NULL 
bool ONX_Model::Write ( const wchar_t *  filename,
int  version = 0,
const char *  sStartSectionComment = NULL,
ON_TextLog error_log = NULL 

Member Data Documentation

int ONX_Model::m_3dm_file_version

Definition at line 439 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

int ONX_Model::m_3dm_opennurbs_version

Definition at line 440 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_SimpleArray<ON_Bitmap*> ONX_Model::m_bitmap_table

Definition at line 452 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

int ONX_Model::m_crc_error_count

Definition at line 478 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_DimStyle> ONX_Model::m_dimstyle_table

Definition at line 459 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

size_t ONX_Model::m_file_length

Definition at line 474 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_Font> ONX_Model::m_font_table

Definition at line 458 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_Group> ONX_Model::m_group_table

Definition at line 457 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_HatchPattern> ONX_Model::m_hatch_pattern_table

Definition at line 461 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_SimpleArray<ON_HistoryRecord*> ONX_Model::m_history_record_table

Definition at line 464 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_UuidIndexList ONX_Model::m_idef_id_index

Definition at line 471 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_InstanceDefinition> ONX_Model::m_idef_table

Definition at line 462 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_Layer> ONX_Model::m_layer_table

Definition at line 456 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ClassArray<ONX_Model_RenderLight> ONX_Model::m_light_table

Definition at line 460 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_Linetype> ONX_Model::m_linetype_table

Definition at line 455 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_UuidIndexList ONX_Model::m_mapping_id_index

Definition at line 468 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_TextureMapping> ONX_Model::m_mapping_table

Definition at line 453 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_UuidIndexList ONX_Model::m_material_id_index

Definition at line 469 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ObjectArray<ON_Material> ONX_Model::m_material_table

Definition at line 454 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_UuidIndexList ONX_Model::m_object_id_index

Definition at line 470 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ClassArray<ONX_Model_Object> ONX_Model::m_object_table

Definition at line 463 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_3dmProperties ONX_Model::m_properties

Definition at line 445 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_3dmSettings ONX_Model::m_settings

Definition at line 449 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_String ONX_Model::m_sStartSectionComments

Definition at line 441 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

ON_ClassArray<ONX_Model_UserData> ONX_Model::m_userdata_table

Definition at line 465 of file opennurbs_extensions.h.

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