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pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 > Class Template Reference

#include <pcl/point_representation.h>

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- Public Types inherited from pcl::DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 >
using Ptr = typename boost::shared_ptr< DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 > >
using ConstPtr = typename boost::shared_ptr< const DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 > >
using FieldList = typename pcl::traits::fieldList< PFHRGBSignature250 >::type
- Public Types inherited from pcl::PointRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 >
using Ptr = boost::shared_ptr< PointRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 > >
using ConstPtr = boost::shared_ptr< const PointRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 > >
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcl::DefaultFeatureRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 >
 DefaultFeatureRepresentation ()
Ptr makeShared () const
void copyToFloatArray (const PFHRGBSignature250 &p, float *out) const override
 Copy point data from input point to a float array. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcl::PointRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 >
 PointRepresentation ()
 Empty constructor. More...
virtual ~PointRepresentation ()
 Empty destructor. More...
bool isTrivial () const
 Returns whether this point representation is trivial. More...
virtual bool isValid (const PFHRGBSignature250 &p) const
 Verify that the input point is valid. More...
void vectorize (const PFHRGBSignature250 &p, OutputType &out) const
 Convert input point into a vector representation, rescaling by alpha. More...
void setRescaleValues (const float *rescale_array)
 Set the rescale values to use when vectorizing points. More...
int getNumberOfDimensions () const
 Return the number of dimensions in the point's vector representation. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from pcl::PointRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 >
int nr_dimensions_
 The number of dimensions in this point's vector (i.e. More...
std::vector< float > alpha_
 A vector containing the rescale factor to apply to each dimension. More...
bool trivial_
 Indicates whether this point representation is trivial. More...

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class pcl::DefaultPointRepresentation< PFHRGBSignature250 >

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