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pcl::EuclideanClusterComparator< PointT, PointLT, deprecated::T > Class Template Reference

#include <pcl/segmentation/euclidean_cluster_comparator.h>

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- Public Types inherited from pcl::experimental::EuclideanClusterComparator< PointT, PointLT >
typedef pcl::PointCloud< PointLT > PointCloudL
typedef PointCloudL::Ptr PointCloudLPtr
typedef PointCloudL::ConstPtr PointCloudLConstPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< EuclideanClusterComparator< PointT, PointLT > > Ptr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< const EuclideanClusterComparator< PointT, PointLT > > ConstPtr
typedef std::set< uint32_t > ExcludeLabelSet
typedef boost::shared_ptr< ExcludeLabelSetExcludeLabelSetPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< const ExcludeLabelSetExcludeLabelSetConstPtr
- Public Types inherited from pcl::Comparator< PointT >
typedef pcl::PointCloud< PointTPointCloud
typedef PointCloud::Ptr PointCloudPtr
typedef PointCloud::ConstPtr PointCloudConstPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< Comparator< PointT > > Ptr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< const Comparator< PointT > > ConstPtr
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcl::experimental::EuclideanClusterComparator< PointT, PointLT >
 EuclideanClusterComparator ()
 Default constructor for EuclideanClusterComparator. More...
virtual void setInputCloud (const PointCloudConstPtr &cloud)
 Set the input cloud for the comparator. More...
void setDistanceThreshold (float distance_threshold, bool depth_dependent)
 Set the tolerance in meters for difference in perpendicular distance (d component of plane equation) to the plane between neighboring points, to be considered part of the same plane. More...
float getDistanceThreshold () const
 Get the distance threshold in meters (d component of plane equation) between neighboring points, to be considered part of the same plane. More...
void setLabels (const PointCloudLPtr &labels)
 Set label cloud. More...
const ExcludeLabelSetConstPtrgetExcludeLabels () const
void setExcludeLabels (const ExcludeLabelSetConstPtr &exclude_labels)
 Set labels in the label cloud to exclude. More...
virtual bool compare (int idx1, int idx2) const
 Compare points at two indices by their euclidean distance. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcl::Comparator< PointT >
 Comparator ()
 Empty constructor for comparator. More...
virtual ~Comparator ()
 Empty destructor for comparator. More...
virtual PointCloudConstPtr getInputCloud () const
 Get the input cloud this comparator operates on. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from pcl::experimental::EuclideanClusterComparator< PointT, PointLT >
PointCloudLPtr labels_
 Set of labels with similar size as the input point cloud, aggregating points into groups based on a similar label identifier. More...
ExcludeLabelSetConstPtr exclude_labels_
 Specifies which labels should be excluded com being clustered. More...
float distance_threshold_
bool depth_dependent_
Eigen::Vector3f z_axis_
- Protected Attributes inherited from pcl::Comparator< PointT >
PointCloudConstPtr input_

Detailed Description

template<typename PointT, typename PointLT>
class pcl::EuclideanClusterComparator< PointT, PointLT, deprecated::T >

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