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pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation Class Reference

Class for SpinImages estimation. More...

#include </__w/1/s/gpu/features/include/pcl/gpu/features/features.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef Histogram< 153 > SpinImage
- Public Types inherited from pcl::gpu::Feature
typedef PointXYZ PointType
typedef PointXYZ NormalType
typedef DeviceArray< PointTypePointCloud
typedef DeviceArray< NormalTypeNormals
typedef DeviceArray< int > Indices

Public Member Functions

 SpinImageEstimation (unsigned int image_width=8, double support_angle_cos=0.0, unsigned int min_pts_neighb=0)
void setImageWidth (unsigned int bin_count)
void setSupportAngle (float support_angle_cos)
void setMinPointCountInNeighbourhood (unsigned int min_pts_neighb)
void setInputWithNormals (const PointCloud &input, const Normals &normals)
void setSearchSurfaceWithNormals (const PointCloud &surface, const Normals &normals)
void setRotationAxis (const NormalType &axis)
void setInputRotationAxes (const Normals &axes)
void useNormalsAsRotationAxis ()
void setAngularDomain (bool is_angular=true)
void setRadialStructure (bool is_radial=true)
void compute (DeviceArray2D< SpinImage > &features, DeviceArray< unsigned char > &mask)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcl::gpu::FeatureFromNormals
void setInputNormals (const Normals &normals)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcl::gpu::Feature
 Feature ()
void setInputCloud (const PointCloud &cloud)
void setSearchSurface (const PointCloud &surface)
void setIndices (const Indices &indices)
void setRadiusSearch (float radius, int max_results)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from pcl::gpu::FeatureFromNormals
Normals normals_
- Protected Attributes inherited from pcl::gpu::Feature
PointCloud cloud_
PointCloud surface_
Indices indices_
float radius_
int max_results_
Octree octree_

Detailed Description

Class for SpinImages estimation.

Definition at line 256 of file features.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 259 of file features.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::SpinImageEstimation ( unsigned int  image_width = 8,
double  support_angle_cos = 0.0,
unsigned int  min_pts_neighb = 0 

Member Function Documentation

void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::compute ( DeviceArray2D< SpinImage > &  features,
DeviceArray< unsigned char > &  mask 
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setAngularDomain ( bool  is_angular = true)
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setImageWidth ( unsigned int  bin_count)
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setInputRotationAxes ( const Normals axes)
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setInputWithNormals ( const PointCloud input,
const Normals normals 
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setMinPointCountInNeighbourhood ( unsigned int  min_pts_neighb)
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setRadialStructure ( bool  is_radial = true)
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setRotationAxis ( const NormalType axis)
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setSearchSurfaceWithNormals ( const PointCloud surface,
const Normals normals 
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::setSupportAngle ( float  support_angle_cos)
void pcl::gpu::SpinImageEstimation::useNormalsAsRotationAxis ( )

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