Point Cloud Library (PCL)  1.9.1-dev
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pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI Class Reference

#include </__w/1/s/gpu/kinfu_large_scale/tools/openni_capture.h>

Public Types

using RGB = pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::PixelRGB

Public Member Functions

 CaptureOpenNI ()
 CaptureOpenNI (int device)
 CaptureOpenNI (const std::string &oni_filename)
void open (int device)
void open (const std::string &oni_filename)
void release ()
 ~CaptureOpenNI ()
bool grab (PtrStepSz< const unsigned short > &depth, PtrStepSz< const RGB > &rgb24)
bool setRegistration (bool value=false)

Public Attributes

float depth_focal_length_VGA
float baseline
int shadow_value
int no_sample_value
double pixelSize
unsigned short max_depth

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

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Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::CaptureOpenNI ( )
pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::CaptureOpenNI ( int  device)
pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::CaptureOpenNI ( const std::string &  oni_filename)
pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::~CaptureOpenNI ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::grab ( PtrStepSz< const unsigned short > &  depth,
PtrStepSz< const RGB > &  rgb24 
void pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::open ( int  device)
void pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::open ( const std::string &  oni_filename)
void pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::release ( )
bool pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::setRegistration ( bool  value = false)

Member Data Documentation

float pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::baseline

Definition at line 75 of file openni_capture.h.

float pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::depth_focal_length_VGA

Definition at line 74 of file openni_capture.h.

unsigned short pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::max_depth

Definition at line 80 of file openni_capture.h.

int pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::no_sample_value

Definition at line 77 of file openni_capture.h.

double pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::pixelSize

Definition at line 78 of file openni_capture.h.

int pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::CaptureOpenNI::shadow_value

Definition at line 76 of file openni_capture.h.

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