Point Cloud Library (PCL)  1.8.0-dev
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Module recognition

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The PCL recognition module contains algorithms used for Object Recognition applications.



class  pcl::CorrespondenceGrouping< PointModelT, PointSceneT >
 Abstract base class for Correspondence Grouping algorithms. More...
class  pcl::GeometricConsistencyGrouping< PointModelT, PointSceneT >
 Class implementing a 3D correspondence grouping enforcing geometric consistency among feature correspondences. More...
class  pcl::recognition::HoughSpace3D
 HoughSpace3D is a 3D voting space. More...
class  pcl::Hough3DGrouping< PointModelT, PointSceneT, PointModelRfT, PointSceneRfT >
 Class implementing a 3D correspondence grouping algorithm that can deal with multiple instances of a model template found into a given scene. More...
class  pcl::CRHAlignment< PointT, nbins_ >
 CRHAlignment uses two Camera Roll Histograms (CRH) to find the roll rotation that aligns both views. More...
class  pcl::recognition::ObjRecRANSAC
 This is a RANSAC-based 3D object recognition method. More...
class  pcl::recognition::ObjRecRANSAC::Output
 This is an output item of the ObjRecRANSAC::recognize() method. More...
class  pcl::recognition::ObjRecRANSAC::OrientedPointPair
class  pcl::recognition::ObjRecRANSAC::HypothesisCreator
class  pcl::recognition::ORROctree
 That's a very specialized and simple octree class. More...
class  pcl::recognition::ORROctree::Node
class  pcl::recognition::ORROctree::Node::Data
class  pcl::recognition::RotationSpace
 This is a class for a discrete representation of the rotation space based on the axis-angle representation. More...


enum  pcl::recognition::ObjRecRANSAC::Recognition_Mode { pcl::recognition::ObjRecRANSAC::SAMPLE_OPP, pcl::recognition::ObjRecRANSAC::TEST_HYPOTHESES, pcl::recognition::ObjRecRANSAC::FULL_RECOGNITION }

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