Point Cloud Library (PCL)  1.10.1-dev
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pcl::cuda::CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices Struct Reference

Check if a certain tuple is a point inlier. More...

#include </__w/1/s/cuda/sample_consensus/include/pcl/cuda/sample_consensus/sac_model_1point_plane.h>

Public Member Functions

 CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices (float4 coeff, float thresh, float angle_thresh)
template<typename Tuple >
__inline__ __host__ __device__ int operator() (const Tuple &t, const int &idx)

Public Attributes

float4 coefficients
float threshold
float angle_threshold

Detailed Description

Check if a certain tuple is a point inlier.

Definition at line 108 of file sac_model_1point_plane.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices()

pcl::cuda::CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices::CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices ( float4  coeff,
float  thresh,
float  angle_thresh 

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename Tuple >
__inline__ __host__ __device__ int pcl::cuda::CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices::operator() ( const Tuple &  t,
const int &  idx 

Member Data Documentation

◆ angle_threshold

float pcl::cuda::CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices::angle_threshold

Definition at line 112 of file sac_model_1point_plane.h.

◆ coefficients

float4 pcl::cuda::CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices::coefficients

Definition at line 110 of file sac_model_1point_plane.h.

◆ threshold

float pcl::cuda::CheckPlanarInlierKinectNormalIndices::threshold

Definition at line 111 of file sac_model_1point_plane.h.

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